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Janice Delores Billy
by Janice Billy - Tuesday, 26 May 2020, 1:33 PM
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Well, between the readings, changes courses, unable to get the right connections with the meeting on sunday, the quiz and the writing, its a full week.  its Tuesday and I have not fully gone through your notes and the videos and  HAVE not started the readings chapter 1-3..I can only imagine those that did not receive the course outline etc.  Please note the best way to communicate with me is my personal email or through this moodle. 

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Janice Delores Billy
by Janice Billy - Tuesday, 21 April 2020, 10:11 PM
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OK how are we to determine if instructor received assignments, and not graded at the time:(

Janice Delores Billy
by Janice Billy - Wednesday, 15 April 2020, 10:17 AM
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Welp my fellow friends..I was drama..I had a hard time getting into this moodle:

April 14, 2020: I sent email to Chelsea Vaughan letting her know I had a hard time getting into Moodle:  she sent me back Hi Janice, your student id is: 000(My student number)

Below are the links both from our website, regarding logging in.


·         With no further instructions

Then, she sent me these instructions:

Accessing myNVIT

In internet browsers, Internet Explorer or Firefox, enter: (the myNVIT portal address will be available to you on or off campus at the same URL and a link will be available on the NVIT website under the Employees button). A logon window will appear.

Your username is:\ followed by a lower case n and your 7 digit student number (e.g. Colleague ID 5907 has a username of\n0005907).

Your password has been reset to your birthday in the following format: DDMonYYYY. For example if your birthdate is November 8, 1987 your password is reset to 08Nov1987. Note that the first letter of the month is capitalized and the month is abbreviated to three digits.

If you are having difficulty logging on, contact Brian or Jen from the  NVIT IT department.


Then Brain from IT sent me:

Hi Janice,

I’ve reset your password back to your birthday and have successfully tested logging into your account.

Password format ddMmmYYYY Example: 15Apr2020



My replay for him:

Invalid login, please try again


Online Learning @ NVIT

Welcome Students and Faculty to the NVIT Moodle Site! Remember to check the Announcements and Events tabs on your myNVIT homepage to find out what's going on at NVIT.

2. Username ????\n000(MY STUDENT NUMBER  Password: DDMONYEAR


He then responds:

Just use: Please don’t use\ with the username

Password is correct.

I’m glad you got in. We’re in the process of updating our guides, the only place where you may need the\ prefix would be with portal.