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Picture of Janet Harry
by Janet Harry - Monday, 30 March 2020, 11:37 AM
Anyone in the world

is this the one lee?

Picture of Daniel Finney
by Daniel Finney - Wednesday, 5 February 2020, 6:17 PM
Anyone in the world

The impacts of colonization are vast and interconnected. It honestly boggles my mind, especially when describing colonization as a verb, an action, something that happened over time and how that played out throughout indigenous history. The impacts colonization had on our bio-physiology through trauma - psychological impacts, but what is comparatively devastating is the loss of our social structures and value systems.

Reconciliation? To me means 'how do we get back to a time where what it meant to be indigenous is not in some way measured in parallel to an economic system that alienates us and leads us to believe we are less than. Our nationhood, our pride for being Indigenous, our sense of self!

I was only a few pages into the first chapter when a paragraph hit me and had me thinking about our sense of social status, how we value ourself. It started with "a cultural ethos emerges" and "the goal of higher status are denied to people" (pg.3). This to me is a snapshot and a segway into a discussion of a "sense of social status." And what is a sense of social status pre and postcolonialism?

'Social status' to me is a social and personal value hierarchy. It's a "sense of", or an idea of values, which we learn during childhood during socialization, mostly. Social Status existed in our traditional social systems and exists in a different form today but is more reflective of capitalism.


A mention should be made for dominance hierarchies because they existed in the past and today, where people were/are physically dominant or dominant in a trade or craft. When I think of Social Status and Pre colonialism I also think of it as a Dominance Hierarchy - what people are good at. Validation comes from doing a good job in comparison to a job you've done in the past or the work of others. Ideally, you are comparing yourself to who you were in the past and not who somebody else is today, though. lol

But I also see Social Status historically as the sense of self that comes from validation from the community. Each member holds the other up. There's comradery, solidarity, brotherhood, sisterhood. It's a heightened sense of self.  The community members meet the needs of others so others can meet the community needs. You will experience this in life. If you were hungry you will think about feeding yourself. At that moment it's difficult to think about meeting somebody else needs if your mind was on your own needs - a community will meet your needs so you can meet their needs.  A community raises a child is an example.

Link Between Social Status, Culture of poverty(pg3) and Capitalism:

When we have a heightened sense of social status we generally feel good about ourselves because it releases "dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins". We experience lower levels of stress and we generally have a higher sense of well being. In a way, a heightened sense of social status is like a psychological immune system like laughing, which makes you feel better when you are down and release stress. If you have a good friend who makes you feel good about yourself, compliments you, tells you how important you are, they are an asset. They are your medicine.

In the past, our social system had our own social status hierarchies, and these were replaced by capitalist values where a person is only worth the money in their pocket.  This system was imposed on us, additionally, we were denied "higher status" in the capitalistic landscape by economic oppression.

When we do not value ourselves because of our lack of sense of social status we slip into a state of despair because of a lack of 'feel-good hormones'. If we cannot raise ourselves to a higher level of the social status hierarchy we become depressed. Colonialism replaced our value system, what we used to raise of sense of social status, with that of a capitalistic view of 'money in your wallet = worth'.

The book makes the comparison that "despair and hopelessness are central to the culture of poverty." I attempted to expand on it from my point of view.

Daniel Finney

P.S. Ramble on and on. I know.

Anyone in the world

? to under stand how a system works with out breaking it apart,  how to understand not to be apart...?

? to be at a edge and live their only to have one to call police to stop one is to be ?

?what is the problem we need to fix globle worming?ei the one that is

is this correct.?

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Anyone in the world
Humility: Simple, but not that easy. It meant destruction of self-centeredness.  I try not to  be selfish and try not to impress  others. Be humble, thinking of others,  as better than myself. I'm taking an interest in others, not only my own interests." I humbly ask and in great detail, that my shortcomings may be rebuked by my humility".
Picture of Cassandra Joseph
by Cassandra Joseph - Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 11:42 PM
Anyone in the world
I don't really think I have anything that's holding me back from reaching my goal, more so something that would slow me down from reaching my goal. My kids always get sick! Or they pass it back and forth, and I need to be home with them. Being home and not making it to my classes, I eventually end up falling behind in my classes and have so much homework to catch up on. But, that's when I really push myself to get caught up and push myself through all of the work! Because the hard work will pay off! I just need to remind myself that after all of this hard work, I will just be that much more closer to achieving my goal!! 

English and Math are subjects that I'm not the greatest at either. That's why I'm here today upgrading so I can enroll and get my nursing degree. 

After all the hard work is done I can say;

I finally did it! 

Anyone in the world

I think of what going to stop me (not STOP) rather slow me down in reaching  my Goal.

for one thing English is not one of my strongest subjects, or math. 

those are my subjects I struggle with.

And I have to give a high five to this computer maze , to grasp the learning to get to moodle  rigamorerole (not the right spelling but I hope you get the idea.) 

I will give it  my best, like the teacher said . Study Study Study . 

well that's my BLOG for now, blog blog blog.

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Picture of Corissa Bredsteen
by Corissa Bredsteen - Monday, 1 October 2018, 3:34 PM
Anyone in the world

What’s haunting me,

    Throughout this month I keep getting thrown new curve balls from death to great opportunities that will change the way my life is going right now with school will literally change my future. Now I know that doesn't sound rough it doesn’t seem like getting a great opportunity should be considered a “curve ball” but to me it is, and I will explain why a little later on.

    I have really bad anxiety and I have always had it, it comes and goes but It’s definitely something that I am starting to get over and I am getting better at not being so anxious all the time, but it’s a huge curve ball in my life that seems to never go away.

    The first day of school one of my friends from Quesnel passed away from a drug overdose, I was in shock for the first week then it started hitting me around the second week of school his memorial is in 2 days and I won’t be there, it's been hitting me again recently because he should be in college getting his nursing degree right now just like I am heading towards and I think of him everyday. Although I know now he’s in a better place I can’t seem to get him out of my mind, and can’t stop reliving all of our memories that we shared.

    Since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of succeeding in life and owning my own property to start my own ranch or farm whichever is preferred. I’ve always loved horses and always planned on owning them and training them, having a log house and a lot of acres in of course Quesnel, my hometown. Now I have moved from Quesnel to Seabird island to Merritt where I am now attending N.V.I.T  College and it is only a month in and I need to go home. This is where that “great opportunity” comes in, I got offered to be able to move back to Quesnel rent free and in return all I have to do is take care of the horses and 1 cat, which I have done for her before and I have always loved watching their horses and riding them and doing all of that stuff, now the curve ball part of this is that I have to finish this semester and transfer schools and I'm not quite sure when the next program is in Quesnel for my nursing, which is going to put a pause on my schooling.

Now, I grew up with people doubting me, my mom her boyfriend my family, they never thought I would go to college so there was no college fund but I believe that everything I went through as a child with my parents and my family have made me a better person it made me strive for getting a good education and not dropping out like everybody else did. I have a good relationship with my parents and my moms boyfriend now and everything's okay with them. Of course I still think about it and it bums me out but I tell myself that it all happens for a reason and we all became better people. I Am one of those people who believe everything happens for a reason. If I never moved to Seabird I wouldn’t be here right now. If I didn’t move back to Quesnel this past summer I would never have gotten to work with the horses and train them, and end up with opportunity I have now. I am taking the opportunity I am being given because it’s more then just getting to do something I love, it's being back in Quesnel with my friends my family and my animals, and being able to help out my mom with my little sister again when she needs a babysitter while shes working, and being able to help out family friends again with their firewood and watching there house and dogs when they have to go to kamloops for the doctors. It's about being there for my other grandma because she just got diagnosed with cancer, It's just about being there for those who need me as much as I can be, Instead of living five hours away and not being able to support them and help them through everything kills me, because people need me up there and I need them.

    I can't really say that anything is necessarily holding me back because I tend to not let things hold me back I will push through it and fight it, and I won’t give up even if it takes twice as long to do whatever it is that I am trying to do. I wasn’t the happiest most smart kid growing up, and it took way too many years for me to really start realizing there's so much more to life than caring about what others think and if you wanna be happy you have to work for it and to stop thinking that everything’s trying to take you down because it’s not it's preparing you for the next chapter in life, and you just gotta be positive stay brave and conquer the world and grab it by its ankles, and live the life you wanna live!

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Picture of Connie Bob
by Connie Bob - Thursday, 27 September 2018, 3:08 PM
Anyone in the world

One of my struggles is Learning to get into, this Moodle section . when i first heard the word Moodle i thought to myself, what the hell is that?

I need to do step by step notes having someone show me and for me to do my own notes.

All computer programs are updated so much, and I didn't use much in the past years, I get frustrated when i cant grasp it, I get pissed off.

When i have to look for search for thing even on the websites, and i cant find it. Because  If I spelling it wrong or it bring me to another and another search site bothers me.

I get very ANGRY. and just want to say the hell with it. All said and Done I am here to learn what i can.

So that is all i got to say about that.

Oh yes I have figuring  out the (Word) Moodle section to get to open ext . OMG

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Picture of Colton Sterling-Moses
by Colton Sterling-Moses - Thursday, 27 September 2018, 2:52 PM
Anyone in the world

I'll start off saying I'm open to any and all feedback.

The thing that is on my mind the most is the loss of native rights and culture. I keep seeing all these things on the news and all over social media; myself I do my best to live a traditional life not just for my sake but for my children and my grandchildren yet to come. As is I feel bad for them because those people who are not here yet will not have the elders I have in this moment of my life. The fear I have about this makes me think I'm not good enough or doing enough to preserve my peoples way of life. Its very hard and I know not all of that is depending on me but I am extremely grateful I surround myself with people who share the same goal to preserve our culture even down to the name of an off flower. The other fear is that  after the hard work there maybe nothing left to save and that my grandchildren wont know the taste of wild salmon ect. Anyways this is just me opening up letting you all have a glimpse into the life and mind of Colton.

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Picture of Marcelo Bose
by Marcelo Bose - Thursday, 20 September 2018, 3:00 PM
Anyone in the world

The other day I came across this intersection and this man was strutin along also minding his own business when he decided to turn around and shout "ASK ME ABOUT ME WEINER" with a subtle English accent, little did he know I completely understood the reference "STFU Schrader" I don't think he heard me but I defiantly got a grrrreeeeaaaat kick out of it so look who the wiener was you potato!! Aaaaand scene. Moral of the story, if you read this you a buttcheek. :0 :) :3

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