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by Cassandra Joseph - Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 11:42 PM
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I don't really think I have anything that's holding me back from reaching my goal, more so something that would slow me down from reaching my goal. My kids always get sick! Or they pass it back and forth, and I need to be home with them. Being home and not making it to my classes, I eventually end up falling behind in my classes and have so much homework to catch up on. But, that's when I really push myself to get caught up and push myself through all of the work! Because the hard work will pay off! I just need to remind myself that after all of this hard work, I will just be that much more closer to achieving my goal!! 

English and Math are subjects that I'm not the greatest at either. That's why I'm here today upgrading so I can enroll and get my nursing degree. 

After all the hard work is done I can say;

I finally did it!