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by Connie Bob - Thursday, 27 September 2018, 3:08 PM
Anyone in the world

One of my struggles is Learning to get into, this Moodle section . when i first heard the word Moodle i thought to myself, what the hell is that?

I need to do step by step notes having someone show me and for me to do my own notes.

All computer programs are updated so much, and I didn't use much in the past years, I get frustrated when i cant grasp it, I get pissed off.

When i have to look for search for thing even on the websites, and i cant find it. Because  If I spelling it wrong or it bring me to another and another search site bothers me.

I get very ANGRY. and just want to say the hell with it. All said and Done I am here to learn what i can.

So that is all i got to say about that.

Oh yes I have figuring  out the (Word) Moodle section to get to open ext . OMG

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