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by Joseph Swakum - Wednesday, 13 November 2013, 11:01 AM
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At Ashley apartments there are large clusters of residents’ mailboxes that appear in front of each building. Each cluster has a couple of dozen individual mailboxes each opened by a resident’s key. The system works well but the mailboxes have one problem. These mailboxes need to be repaired immediately because they create a bad image for the apartments. They have crumbling plaster and rotten wood. Few people looking for an apartment and seeing the mailboxes would decide not to rent at Ashley apartments. The current renters are also affected by the sagging, chipped boxes and lose respect for the apartment complex. This disrespect can be seen in the increase of litter because garbage bags are casually tossed beside the dumpster, not inside them. The most significant reason to repair the plaster and metal is a safety issue. The boxes are made of wood, plaster, and metal. Children play in the parking lots which are next to the mailboxes. One day soon a child may run right into one of the wooden boxes or sharp edges. Clearly it’s time to fix the situation.