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by Autumn Dennis - Saturday, 2 February 2013, 2:08 PM
Anyone in the world

I am a child trapped inside an older womans body, release me and i will become young again, this woman you see now is kind, obligated, and determined to do whats right in life. A role model for young ones and listener to those who are older. Mature of course, but only in times that are needed, very shy but at the same time outgoing. 

I have a question that really ponders in my head day in and day ouy. It's how will i be in the next 20 years and where will i be? and i go by a quote" Nothing is set in stone" so my plans will varie. 

I am a collage student, taking indiginous studies to get my adult diploma and be an adult graduate. I have moved from a small reservation and now living out on my own at the NVIT Housing and have finished my first semester and now im just going through my second semester. I am determined and dedicated to finishing off my terms in collage to become an anthrologist in the near future.