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  • Welcome to Moodle!

    Learn to use Moodle!

    Hi! Welcome to Moodle. 

    Transitioning to online learning can be a bit overwhelming. This is a play course meant to help you learn to use Moodle. At the bottom, you'll find tips for accessing Teams and Grammarly.

    If you have questions, please send me a note!


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    • Class Resources

      Check out these helpful resources!

      Tips for Online Learning Success

    • That's a Wrap!

    • Learning to Use Microsoft Teams

      Microsoft Teams is used for video-conferencing & class communication. 

      Every NVIT student has access to Office 365, including Teams, Outlook (your NVIT email address) and Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneDrive. 

      Join us on Teams @ Students: Learning Online

    • Grammarly

      Grammarly is a free tool for NVIT students! Sign up here using these instructions.