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  • Love to Learn @ NVIT

    A virtual space with tips, tools and resources to assist you in moving your teaching space and workspace online.

  • Moodle Tips

    Many of you already use Moodle - NVIT's Learning Management System.

    Moodle allows you to build your course for online interaction. Your course resources, including syllabus, readings, links, videos, assignments and quizzes can be added to Moodle.

    Here are some ways you can move your existing course online in Moodle:

    • Add your course materials
    • Add your lecture slides or notes
    • If you do a live online class, record the session and post the file to Moodle for playback
    • Create a Forum to encourage class discussion
    • Use the Assignment resource to upload your Assignment instructions & grading rubric. Learners can then submit their assignments through Moodle.
    • Use the Quiz resource for assessment, either as a quiz, test or final exam
    Don't forget to hit the Turn Editing On button to make changes to your course!

    For assistance with Moodle, please feel free to connect with me. 

  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is a collaborative platform that integrates chat, file sharing and Video Conference tool

    All staff and faculty have a Teams account. Teams is an app that already exists in your account.

    Teams can be used on the internet through and can be downloaded as a Desktop App, as well as an app on your phone, tablet or iPad.

    With Teams, you can:

    • Schedule video meetings
    • Meet Now - this allows you to create an instant virtual meeting
    • Call and Video call, including screen sharing, closed captions and record meeting options.
    • Chat
    • Share files and resources
    • Create Teams:  a virtual space for specific groups of people. For example, Enrolment Services or ENRT Faculty
    NOTE: Students do not currently have Teams accounts, however, they can join Teams meetings simply by clicking the Join Teams Meeting link.

  • BlueJeans

    BlueJeans is a video conferencing tool

    Please note, BlueJeans is a shared resources and is currently experiencing increasing use rates. This means that connectivity may not be reliable. NVIT encourages staff and faculty to use Microsoft Teams.

    Bluejeans allows you to:

    • Start a virtual meeting/lecture
    • Record your session
    • Share your screen and display power point presentation
    • Chat with users
    • Participants can join via the URL join info via a computer or internet connected device or can dial in using a telephone or cellphone. Note, those who call in will not see any video but will be able to hear the meeting.

    All NVIT staff have access to a free BlueJeans account. An email invite has been sent out. Please connect with me if you need assistance!

  • Video Conference Tips

    What do I need to Video Conference? Any of these options will work:

    • A laptop with a webcam and mic
    • A computer or laptop with a headset
    • A phone, tablet or iPad
    • We recommend using a headset. Headsets help isolate background noise, reduce echo and projects a clear voice.
    • If you can't join with a mic, you can listen in and use the chat feature to connect with participants

  • VPN Information

    Staff working remotely on an NVIT issued laptop will be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to be able to access files, Colleague and Informer.

    Instructions for configuring your VPN, as well as a video tutorial, can be found on the portal.