This course provides an in-depth study of the meanings contained in Nsyilxcen words associated with the concept of leadership, and an overview of the complexity of the way historical and contemporary leadership is viewed by the Okanagan People. Students will study the foundations of good leadership in terms of the roles, responsibilities and obligations that are expected of Okanagan individuals to taking leadership roles in whatever area of endeavor. Students will review the traditional oral Captiklw stories that are relevant to leadership and decision making. They will be given a foundation in the role of sk'ulst (training) sc'a'xc'axw (discipline) and kswitmist (dedication). Students will review and analyze various leadership roles and responsibilities within contemporary Okanagan society, including political leadership, spiritual leadership, education leadership, service leadership traditional, community leadership and family leaderships. 2018/09/10-2018/12/31 Lecture Monday 01:00PM - 04:00PM, Room to be Announced